I go to Cedarville. That means that I am not poor. But it also means that I am spending a lot of money.

Something that I have been thinking about since I started coming to Cedarville is: ‘Why am I paying so much money for this school?’ Is it ok to spend so much if I believe it is where God wants me to be? Is it ok to say that I am investing in an education so that one day I can become an educator that can further God’s kingdom? Does money even matter in the long run? If it doesn’t matter, can’t I just spend it all on clothes and stuff?

Or is it not ok at all?

Just some thoughts…


3 thoughts on “Money

  1. Collin B. says:


    That is always a tough one.

    The Bible has so much to say on finances. Matthew 6:24 reminds me that if money becomes too much of a concern, whether it is in abundance or in debt, a re-focus of priorities must occur. I am also drawn back to Luke 18:28-30 where God speaks about planning. If you have diligently thought over and prayed about the Cedarville decision, and God has made it possible to finish, even, and maybe even better so, if it is a daily battle of utter faith on God’s provision, than He probably wants you here.

    And there’s the fact that Cedarville without the Devalves would be like Ohio without corn.

  2. calling2go says:

    Why can’t we just jump in to the major we want to pursue and not worry about taking courses that we really don’t need for our major?

    -John Kwak-

  3. Joe Cail says:

    Better not think about this too much. you’ll be in danger of leaving cedarville. no just kidding. though it was a huge reason for me.

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