There are so many people who have touched my lives in ways that will never be forgotten. My parents, my brother, Tam, Trae, Joy, my All Nations team, and so many more.

There is one person that I have wanted to write about for about a week now. I have tried about five times to write this so that it gives her enough credit and that it explains how much she really has changed my life.

The sad part of this story is that I forgot how much she had impacted my life until last weekend.

When I was little, I never got hand-me-downs from my brother…cause, uh, clearly Im not a boy. But I always remember getting a package full of dresses from Alesha and Erika! Maybe that is what endeared me to Alesha in the first place…lol. I also remember one package that they sent me full of Barbie toys…complete with a horse stable and all the stuff for a Barbie horse…but not the horse. I think I was kinda mad. I might have even cried. But, anways….

When I was in 8th grade, I was not a very pleasant person. I was a junior high girl. No more explanation needed. Knowing who I was back made me know FOR SURE that I would never teach junior high… But anyways, what grade I teach doesn’t really have anything to do with this person. When I was in 8th grade, she came out and worked in Niger. I know that it was not an easy year for her, nor the years following that particular year. That story is hers to tell, or not to tell. However, I developed a relationship with my wonderful cousin that elevated her to a hero status. To me, a humble 8th grader, she was soooooooooo cool and funny and loved me! She taught me how to put make-up on. Now, that was cool to an 8th grade girl! I absolutely loved spending time with her. I think that she has that affect on a lot of people. People just want to spend time with her.

This is me and my cuz on a camel when she was in Niger. Waaaaaay back.

I kinda forgot about how much she meant to me when 6 years passed without seeing each other. She got married, which was cool. And then she had a baby. A BABY!!!!

Then I saw her this weekend for my cousins wedding. And once again, I just loved spending time with her. I loved watching the way that she took care of her baby, the way she helped her sister and mom plan out a wedding, the way she kept people entertained, and the way that she simply had that glow that only comes from Christ.

I wish that I could write my thoughts better about how wonderful of a Mom she is. She loves, cares and attends to his needs. She gives all she has, and yet she does not seem to grow tired. I know she is tired, but she simply loves being a mom. She told me is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Seeing her with that baby, I believe it.


Alesha (matron of honor) helping Erika (do I really have to tell you that she is the bride?).

Alesha and her son, Shane (yes, the boy is wearing a kilt. Leave him alone.)

me and Alesha

Anyways, while this seems very scattered I just wanted to thank Alesha for being the best cousin and Mom that she could be.

I look up to you so much.




One thought on “People.

  1. Alesha Vines says:


    Wow. Just wow. I am so incredibly honored, I don’t know quite what to say. You made me “leak”, girlfriend! I never realized that I had impacted you but all the glory goes to God on that one. Thank you for such a special post. It’ll be going in my memory box for sure! And the compliments on my mothering, well, that’s about the best compliment I could ever get, I think! You are a beautiful, Godly young woman (and smart, and funny and…and..;) and I am so excited to see what He does in your life. Thank you, cuz, for your loving words.

    Oh yeah, and about that horse…Erika kept it and still has it to this day! I didn’t realize we’d sent all that stuff without a horse—I’m so sorry we crushed your young heart.

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