It’s Amazing

This week is probably the busiest week that I have had this semester.

And yet, it’s amazing what I have gotten done.

Things that I’ve wanted to do for a while, just for my own sanity.

But things that aren’t absolutely neccessary.

On top of all my work this week I have…

Emptied my inboxes- both my email and my phone. (and when I say emptied, I mean I sorted through every email and text to save the ones that I want to save and delete the ones that I want to delete)

I got out my winter clothes

I did one of those room cleanings that goes under the bed and in the drawers….although you would never be able to tell now

I have posted this blog post (i really should be studying right now)

I’ve written a few letters…which really doesn’t happen all that often anymore


Its a crazy week. But Im surviving. I promise.

Pray for this upcoming weekend…we have all the youth from our church coming to spend the weekend at Cedarville. I am SOOOO excited about this and I feel like God has amazing plans that I can’t even fathom at this point. Pray that we will be good examples and that they will truly learn more about God and how wonderful he is.





One thought on “It’s Amazing

  1. We’ll be praying for the weekend. Pray, too, for Dad’s prayer class as they are hosting an all-school prayer meeting tonight. We can sense the spiritual battle.

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