Honestly, I don’t Understand

This week is the week that many Mslms travel on the pilgrimage to Mcc. A Mslm can go anytime, but this one week in particular is the Hjj week, so Mcc is overflowing with people on their pilgrimage.

A few people in one of my ministry teams decided to pray specifically that this week God will truly open eyes and hearts to the satisfaction that is only found in Him.

I was just reading some websites…




…and I am so humbled. Here I am, taking time to pray specifically for people who are far more spiritually dedicated than me. Im not saying that I think they are spiritually dedicated to the RIGHT thing, but just think about the challenge that must be to get to Mcc (way more expensive than Thanksgiving airline tickets!), to brave all the masses of people and then to worship their god with devotion and sacrifice. One of the articles even talks about people with disabilities who go on the hjj. Islm does not require those with disabilities to go on the hjj. And yet they still do.

So here is the question in my mind:

If Christianity required that much sacrifice, how many people would still be in? Would I still be in?

I know that there are Christians who give up everything, who have more required of them than just a pilgrimage. But those Christians usually have books written about them. Islm requires every able bodied person to do this.

Am I sold out? For Christ? For my faith? Would I do whatever is required of me (even if it seems sorta foolish to everyone else)?????



One thought on “Honestly, I don’t Understand

  1. Alesha Vines says:

    Good thoughts Suzanne!

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