Best story EVER

Anyone who knows me well just laughs when they hear me say, “Do you want to hear a story?” or “I have the best story EVER!”.

Well, I have a best story ever. At least, it was great to me. But it is characterstic of my best stories ever in that 1)you may have had to be there, 2)you may have to get excited about really little things or 3)it really may not be a best story EVER. just a best story.

This past weekend, I got to go up to Northern Michigan and stay at the Hine’s cabin on a lake. Of course, since it is winter, we didn’t do swimming and stuff as I would always think when I hear about a lake. Instead, we did wintery stuff. I have to admit that when we were first planning on going, I was a little bit worried. Like Sanka in Cool Runnings, I question anything that has the word ‘ice’, winter’ or ‘snow’ in it. Hanging out and playing in the cold snow sounded like fun…but not THAT much fun. However, the idea of driving a snowmobile may have won me over. Haha. Not completely, but it was a really exciting thing. You know, for some reason…growing up in Niger, I have never ridden one (hmmm I wonder WHY?) let alone driven one.

So on Friday a group of six of us left for Northern Michigan, and arriving at about 9 that night. We just ate, played a game, watched a movie and went to bed. Saturday morning I woke up and Theo took me out in the snow with the snowmobile right away. All of the other girls were still asleep, but Daniel woke up and went out on the other snowmobile. I was worried about being cold, so I put on leggings, sweat pants, a sweatshirt, a full body snow suit and a coat. I had on wool socks and regular socks and then snow boots. Then I had a helmet on my head. And I didn’t get cold. =)

Snowmobiling was a BLAST. I absolutely loved it. I loved riding and I loved driving. We even got out some sleds and attached them to the back of the snowmobiles. Daniel or Theo would drive and try to get us to fall off the sleds. It was so much fun.

So, now for the best story ever. While everyone was either riding or being dragged around on snowmobiles, Abbie and I decided that we needed to get her camera (I was dumb and FORGOT mine!!!) which was in the house. To get back to the house we had to climb a hill covered in snow. We decided that we would take a sled up the hill so when we came back down we could just slide down. So, we grabbed the camera and then got to the top of this steep hill. We sat down on the sled, and of course, it would not budge. We got it to move forward and then it got stuck on a branch in the snow. Of course, we thought this was hilarious so we started laughing at how ridiculous we must look trying to scootch this sled down a really steep hill. It literally would not budge. Finally, right we were about to give up and just walk down the hill, the sled came unstuck and literally flew down the hill. Of course, we were not expecting this and started screaming as the sled slid down the hill very quickly (the hill was steep but actually really small). At the bottom were some lawn chairs buried in snow, legs up. All I knew as we flew down that hill was that there were 8 little green spokes poking out of the snow. We both screamed and screamed as we flew towards those lawn chair legs. Then, just as abruptly as the sled started going, it stopped. Abbie and I did not stop however, and slipped at least a foot on our own, leaving the sled sitting innocently at the bottom of the hill. And we didn’t hit the chairs. And we thought that could classify as a funniest story ever.

The rest of the weekend was a time for relaxing, hanging out, playing games and eating. It was so restful and relaxing- even the times that I spent doing homework just felt so wonderful. I loved the weekend, and I am so thankful for the time that I had away. I also loved being able to hang out with some pretty awesome people and get to know them. And I am really mad that I forgot to take my camera.

And now its back to school. But at least its warmer here this week! In the 40s and 50s! Praise God!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Best story EVER

  1. Tamarah says:

    lol. that was a typical “suz best story ever!” very nice! i was hoping it was an engagement story or something… hehe! in due time. i love you!

    • haha thought you’d like that lol. No. No engagement story. You are the second person to ask me that when I got back this weekend. Unless you refer to someone else…due time will be soon time.

  2. Collin B. says:

    funny. but not funniest. sorry, suz.

  3. Alesha Vines says:

    You crack me up, and I love you. I’m coming to Ohio this summer with Mr Little. Are you going to be around? Nevermind, I think I remember you saying you are working at C. L. again. But me and mom want to visit your mom and dad in D.C. But that is not close to C. L. Hmmm. I’ve got nothin’.

  4. Mom says:

    That was a funny story! I can just see you flying down that hill.

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