I’ve had this on my mind for a while.

Every single day we go to chapel here at Cedarville. On Sundays we go to church. And in both those places music is something that just happens. So how much does music really mean to me?

This morning in chapel the singing was beautiful.

Holy are you God. Holy is your name. With everything I am, my heart will sing how I love you.

But, really? Do we mean that? At least 2000 people sang that this morning, me included. And yet…I forgot what songs we sang this morning in chapel already this afternoon.

One chapel speaker said

Christians don’t tell lies. We sing them.

How true is that???

I don’t really know the solution to this problem, but I know that it must begin in my own heart. I am on a mission to sing what I mean. And if I don’t mean it in my heart, maybe the words should not come out of my mouth…whether in speech or song. And maybe I should work on my heart so that those words that come out in both speech and song can be 100% true.



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