I’m Back!

To all who read this and were praying for my trip to Philly, THANK YOU.

But please don’t stop praying.

I will write a very long post to go into great detail about everything that I did while in Philly. But for now, just a few thoughts:

– I’m struggling so much to be back at Cedarville. I don’t know how, but it became easier for me to talk to drug dealers, prostitutes and homeless people than people here. I guess it is because most of the people that I came into contact with in Philly had an obvious need that was so easy to see. Here, everyone covers it up and acts like they have it all together. And I’m struggling to not have bitterness in my heart at that. While at the same time, I cover up what is going on in my heart…because it’s the thing to do.

– I’m emotionally exhausted. I feel like I’m supposed to dive back into life here, but my mind and my heart are screaming ‘WAIT, WAIT! I’M STILL TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT!!! You CAN’T stand at the worst drug corner in Philly and let a homeless man spill his vodka on you and serve kids for a week and then just suddenly hop right back into life!’ It’s just too bad my teachers don’t hear that voice inside me… sigh.

I’m so sorry that this was not the exciting, high off a missions trip post that you were probably expecting. That one will come, because that trip was probably the best one I have EVER been on, and I hope that it has changed my life forever. I just wanted to add some thoughts about what is going on now… hopefully I will be able to post tomorrow about what we actually did (with pictures!).

Pray for me as well as I have a very crazy week at school (seems weird to have a really stressful week right after spring break, doesn’t it?).



One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. Tamarah says:

    I’m praying for you – I hope you get some time to process all that is going on inside and what the implications will be for the rest of your life. Though not for a week and a half, maybe you could use the trip to Eastern to think and talk things through with God and Theo. I love you!!

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