DC 10

Last Monday I received an e-mail that was a huge blessing, but also a huge responsibility.

A huge part of Cedarville’s ministry is bible studies, or discipleship groups. My freshman year, I joined one, led by a good friend and woman who strives to be excellent at all she does. I have always looked up to her. This year, my second year, I was able to get the opportunity to lead one. There are 12 students who are mentored by a man and his wife, learning what it really means to be a disciple. Then, those 12 students chose a book and lead a bible study. Then, the 8-10 students in their group all lead their own bible study. So this past year I was leading a bible study, but still in a bible study.

The e-mail that I received on Monday told me that I was selected to be one of those 12 students that gets to learn as much as possible able discipling, and I get to lead my own bible study!!! I am so blown away by the privelage that I have received, and prayer against pride would be much appreciated. I know that this will not neccessarily always be fun, easy and the greatest joyride ever.

I am looking forward to the bond that will form between myself and the other 11 members, along with Mark and his wife. The thing that I miss most about Africa is not the smells or the sounds or the sounds or the FEEL of Africa, but the people. I miss the close bond that I had with my friends. The way that my senior class knew everything about me- and could build me up (or tear me down) like no one else. I have not found relationships like that very easily here in America. So I am very excited to form that bond with others.

My first job is to find a book that I want to teach on. I have decided that I would like to teach on the topic of prayer. This is way out of my league, as prayer is not something that I am an expert at. Oh, no. way. Not sure why God would want me to lead a bible study on prayer. I think I only listened to him long enough to hear him tell me that he wants me to do a study on prayer, and then I filled the rest of the time with protesting, being distracted and just plain ol’ not even listening. If anyone has any really great book ideas for me, I would love to hear them. Even if they aren’t on prayer, I would love to know what it out there. It is hard to pick a book when I have no idea….I don’t even know if I agree with the beliefs of the author. Anyways, just send me an e-mail, or post a comment-reply on here. I would love any advice that anyone has about teaching a bible study, too.

I am so excited, and would appreciate prayer- that I will be a humble leader throughout the entire year. And I am sure that everyone reading this will hear much, much more about discipleship council.



2 thoughts on “DC 10

  1. Nancy says:

    I’m so happy for you! Ask Dad for the titles of the books he used last semester in his prayer class. You could browse through them and see if you like any of them.

  2. D. E. Hall says:

    Suzanne…some of the best books on prayer are the old ones:
    Quiet Talks on Prayer, S. D. Gordon
    Sense and Nonsense about Prayer, Lehman Strauss.
    Don’t recall the title, but one by Andrew Murray (founder of South Africa General Mission)
    I have the first two, but packed away. Will lend to you as soon as I can locate them!

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