Ice Skating

Saturday was Theo’s birthday and Kelly’s birthday! We decided to just do something simple… go over to our Aunt’s house, have some good homemade food, and just hang out. Then, we would go ice skating. We had the good food and we had the fun!

Kelly opening her presents.

Theo with his present.

Then, we decided to go ice skating! I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside the rink. so sorry.


While we were ice skating around, this little clump of girls stopped me and Theo. The littlest one looked just like my cousin (who everyone says looks like me), and asked me if I could help her. I said of course, thinking that it would be to tie her skatelace or to help her across the ice skating rink. Nope. She goes, ‘can you teach me how to ice skate?’ Hahahaha. Asking a girl raised African to teach her how to ice skate. Funny joke, I know. Of course, I said yes ( I honestly thought it wouldn’t last very long). Then, I had to figure out how to teach her how to ice skate without looking like a child abuser/predator. Theo told her how to move her feet, and I went around the rink with her practicing how to use her feet, but still holding on to the wall. After a few times of this, she decided that she was ready to graduate from the wall to my hand. She fell down a couple times, but was really good about just laughing and getting right back up again. Each time she fell down I told her: ‘its ok, everyone falls down! You just have to get back up again!’ (that comes in as important later on…). After learning how to go smoother on her feet, we decided that it would be brilliant to show her mom how good we were doing. When we passed her mom, we would stop holding hands and she would go on her own. BRILLIANT. Just as we pass her mom, she got soooo excited, she slipped, grabbed onto me, still fell and then pulled me down with her. Not only did she pull me down, but she tripped me at the same time! So I crashed down onto the ice on my knee. She was sitting next to me hysterically laughing. Her mom was laughing even harder, and even pulled out a camera to take pictures. I decided it would just be best to laugh! Then, I had to take my own advice and get back up again and keep on going. Cause everyone falls down, right? Haha. Eventually she got the hang of it on her own! I was so proud!

But I now have a bruise on my knee that is not that bad but it hurts like mad.


One thought on “Ice Skating

  1. Nancy says:

    This was so funny. I read it to Dad. It sounds like you had a blast. Do you want me to come kiss your boo-boo? Seriously, I hope it gets better soon.

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