Eastern University

Last weekend (not this past one…the one before that…) I went to Eastern University to hang out with Tam. Of the 10 people that I graduated with in 2009, I have seen Tam about 7 times. It has been AWESOME being able to see her. Of the 9 others, I have only seen one in those two years. Well, until this past weekend, that is.

It is always hard to get together with my best friend after several months of not being able to talk face to face. Its like we have so much to catch up that we don’t know where to start, so we never actually start, because we don’t really need to talk about anything since we are so comfortable with each other and know each other so well. I love and cherish the days that I have been able to spend with her in the past two years. Some of them haven’t been easy, but they have all been worth it.

Theo and I decided to drive out to see Tam’s mime concert on Saturday. We left Friday afternoon and had another passenger with us, which was helpful for paying for gas. We didn’t arrive until late Friday night, but had a time of hanging out and talking. We all went to bed fairly early because Saturday was going to be such a busy day. In the morning, Tam took us to breakfast and then on a short tour of the campus (soooo different from Cedarville!). Tam has practise all morning, so Theo and I decided to run a 10K. For the second year in a row, Cedarville has partnered with Daughters of Cambodia and raised money for sexually trafficked women by having a 10k. You had to pay money to enter, and most of that money went to the sexually trafficked women. It awesome to have an impossible goal and then know the whole time that you are running for HER, that every step you take is freeing her. We aren’t sure that we exactly ran a 10k, because the markings on the road disappeared, but it was something close to 10k…

After running we took a break and ate lunch with Tam. Halfway through lunch, we spotted Antoine, another guy that graduated with us. We all had a mini reunion and it was awesome!

In the afternoon was the concert, and it was incredible. These girls put so much work into the concert and they praised God with absolutely everything that they had. It was beautiful to see. I know that God was glorified! Here are some pictures from the concert. The lighting was really bad, so I only got a few good ones….

The theme of the concert was Fight Back, and Satan did not want them to get that message out! They theme was about how we go so far and then we just don’t want to go on anymore. We want to give up. We are done. But God tells us to keep going, to FIGHT BACK. There was one song that the sound system suddenly started shutting on and off. It could have been the mimers worst nightmare, but they kept going. The audience picked up where the sound system left off, and sang the entire song for them while they mimed along! It was so powerful, I was so humbled by how God provides even when Satan doesn’t want us to succeed.

Saturday night we all wanted to hang out so we decided to go bowling. Theo, Antoine, Tam and myself all piled into the car and went to the bowling alley. When we walked in, there was food everywhere and people drinking and yelling Mozel Toff (or however you spell it). Finally, someone told us that it was a private party, a bat mitvah, to be exact. Whoops. We went back to campus and didn’t know what to do. We pulled out Settlers and played an awesome game of it. Antoine and Theo negotiated the whole time and Tam and I were so tired that we just laughed the whole time. Tam goes, “sorry! Im in my own lala world!” it was great.



On Sunday I wasn’t feeling too awesome so Tam and I just hung out (it was WONDERFUL!) and then we drove back.

What a blessing.



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