I sorta feel like I have been to my fair share of weddings already. BUT, there are more to come! I’m just rambling because I actually have time to do absolutely nothing, so I wanted to show off how many wedding I have really actually been to.

I’ve been going to weddings for a long time. In Niger, you are invited if you are rich, white, or a friend. My family usually fell into one or all of those categories, so we went to our fair share of weddings. Its also really easy to show up at wedding, because the main part of the wedding (at least for everyone except the bride) is the dance party that happens all night long. So, if you are walking around town with your friends and you hear the drums and music (and there is a distinct difference between the wedding music and the with doctor music!), you show up and dance as much as you want. Most of my friends that I grew up with got married when I was in 9th or 10th grade. I guess I could consider myself ‘in’ their weddings. If you show up, and sit with the bride in her back room, you are in her wedding party. And you are stuck serving her for the rest of the day, until all the groomsmen come and steal her. And one unlikely bridesmaid often gets chosen to be the ‘fake bride’. All the friends hussle a bridesmaid (she is covered in veils) out to a car and tell the groomsmen they have the bride, and then when the groomsmen leave with the ‘bride’, the real bride is hidden until the poor men realize they have taken the wrong woman! I was never chosen as the fake bride, because it would be obvious with the first sighting of my skin that I was not the bride! Haha!

Coming to America, I started going to a lot of weddings. Friends and family…everyone seems to be getting married! Here are pictures of almost every wedding I have gone to (IN THE PAST TWO YEARS).

Caleb and Keri

The first time I met Shelley, she invited me to her wedding. Now if that doesn't show her sweet, giving spirit, what does??

Daniel and Victoria, and several of the students that Daniel really impacted when he was in Niger

Ben and Abby!

Jeremy and Julianna

Chris and Kelly

Cousin Levi and Shannon

My beautiful cousin Erika

This was at Theo's cousin's wedding. I didnt know them, so I didnt take any pictures of them.

Russell and Melissa

Clayton and Kim

And they are next!!!!!!!

Favorite Adventure from a wedding: At my friend Sophie’s wedding, I was one of those ‘bridesmaids’ and the groomsmen did the new, most popular thing in town by coming to pick up the bridesmaids on mopeds. They all came roaring the street as fast as the little thing would go, then all pulled wheelies followed by doughnuts, then told us to hop on the back! I was terrified of hopping on the back of strange man’s moped, and then suddenly they all got taken and drove off in about the same fashion that they had come. I found another girl that got left behind, and we had to walk all the way across town in the dark to get to the party. Haha, good times.

Most Embarrassing Memory from a wedding: When we went to Ben and Abby’s wedding, we got a little lost. And we decided to not call people, because everyone we knew was at the wedding. We finally found it, but when we went in, the bridesmaids were all lining up to go in! Fortunately, there was a side door!

Best Wedding Idea: I loved how Jeremy and Julianna did communion (just the two of them) at their wedding. I thought that was a beautiful reminder, and kept their focus on Christ.

Most Unique Wedding: Clayton and Kim. It was so cool how they came up with different things for themselves and the guests. Kim’s brothers walked her down the stairs (they were in the front…there was no isle), all the guests sat at their reception table during the ceremony and they had me take pictures of all the guests to put into the guest book.

Best Moments: Of all these weddings, my favorite times was when I got to interact with the brides before the actual wedding. I helped a lot at my cousin Erika’s wedding, and I also got to help at Kim’s wedding. It is so much fun seeing the transformation from a normal woman to a stunning bride. When I saw Kim put her dress on, my eyes even teared up! There is something so special about being able to share that moment with those brides!

Anyways, this has been long enough…

Now that it is summer maybe I will be able to update more often! Haha.


2 thoughts on “Weddings!

  1. Deb says:

    =) Aw Suz,I really enjoyed reading this. I hope God will plan for you to go to many more weddings to come!
    Love you girlie, and if you have any prayer requests for the summer, please message me on facebook or email! Love you!!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Haha! We’re next. 🙂

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