I recently discovered how much I love reading biographies. Especially missionary biographies. Earlier this summer I read one about Amy Carmichael, then I read Green Leaves in Drought Time, Peace Child, and now I am working on Called to the Hard Places.

I’m not really sure what it is that draws me to them. I think that it is because it is real people who did real things and sacrificed so much for the kingdom of God. Growing up as an MK, I know that missions is hard work. But even knowing that, I am so blown away by how much these people sacrifice. Green Leaf in Drought Time (I don’t remember the author’s name) was about missionaries who felt God’s call to go to a village in China, but when they got there the Iron Curtain had fallen, and all the Chinese were too afraid for their lives to talk to them. These people lived in that village for three years, waiting to get out, not able to talk to anyone and not even granted their monthly allowance. They literally lived from miracle to miracle. And the most amazing part? They realized that not only do that have to submit to that plan for their lives, they have to be joyful because that is the plan for their lives! WOW!!!

I really want to go into missions, and I specifically want to go to an unreached people group. I love the sense of adventure, but also realize that there is a lot of danger in that. However, all these stories inspire me that no matter how hard it gets, God is the one who brings me through. He specializes in situations that are humanly IMPOSSIBLE to get out of…because when it’s impossible for me, that is when He steps in, and all glory goes to him. I hope that one day my life can become a picture of things too impossible for me to do, and that in that moment, I will allow God to step in and achieve the impossible…all for His glory!

(And I don’t have a clue how hard that is going to be……)


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