I hardly have words to describe what it feels like to be home.

You know when you just feel safe, like you belong and nothing bad could ever happen? That’s how I first felt when I arrived in Niger. This place is home.

We had a long trip, and when I got to Niger I was ready to burst with excitement but too exhausted to keep my eyes open. It was a strange feeling.

I have absolutely loved seeing Theo around N*g*r…communicating with the Africans, talking with the missionaries. It is almost more of a delight to share my childhood than to relive it! We have so much more on our list I can’t believe that we have already been here a week, and we only have two weeks left!!!

One thing that has really been on my mind while I am here is ‘Why am I really here?’ I know that I have come home to visit, but I am positive that God has greater plans. Obviously, one of those plans was revealed to me last night when Theo proposed to me. But even beyond benefiting, encouraging or even challenging myself, I believe that there is another reason I am here. How could I spend three weeks in a 98% M*sl*m country, and not tell someone about Jesus? What in the world would my excuse be if I spent so much time here but only spent it on myself? I hope and pray that every moment I spend here will bring glory to God.



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