Project 365

Sorry for the lack of posting. I am starting to feel better, although my appetite is still nonexistent and I need to gain a lot of weight to be at a healthy point. Pray that I fully recover and am able to eat like a normal Devalve again.

In other words, I have decided to do something that will take a lot of intentionality. Its foolish intentionality, really, but I am attempting to take a picture every day for the next year. I will try to post all 365 pictures on this blog, so maybe it will become more of a project, with updates in pictures more regularily! I hope that I can stick with this ‘project’ and be able to look for beauty in the little things that are around me and not just the things that are a ‘big deal’ that I would normally pull out my camera for.

This past weekend I spent at Theo’s house. Relaxed, did a lot of homework and a lot of wedding planning, ate squirrel (yes, Theo did shoot it himself…) and hung out with his family a lot. I missed my family a lot and I am starting to dread Christmas. The missing doesn’t seem to get to me until I am on break, when I would normally be with my family. Pray for me that I am able to prepare my heart for Christmas and go into it with an attitude of gratefulness for the things that I have instead of resentment because of bitterness in my heart.

Anyways…here is the beginning of my picture project!!!!

Wednesday, October 12.
A gorgeous sunset at Cedarville. Pulled out my camera for the first time this semester. God is so MAJESTIC.


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