When I was a little girl, I liked pink. I was attracted to it. But then there came a day when I got this idea in my head that there were two types of girls. Girlie girls (who were classified as annoying by all the boys that I knew…) and Tom girls (who always got to hang out with the boys cause they were that cool.) So I hated all things girly, and to this day I just do not like pink or anything that looks frilly and, well, girlie. But last night I broke the trend. I painted my nails pink. PINK. Bright pink.
Don’t worry, I won’t start wearing pink and decorating in pink and painting my car pink. I have realized, though, that there are more than two kinds of girls. I can be a tomboy with a little bit of girlie mixed in, right?


And please take note of the sparkly diamond. I like to look at it, too.


One thought on “WHAT???

  1. Debra says:

    Right! =)

    By the way, nice diamond!

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