I just need to rant a little bit, ok?

I have always been of the understanding that Christian professors and teachers act like Christians. Going to Sahel certainly reinforced that. But then I came to Cedarville and a few jerk’s have ruined it for a lot of other proffesors. Freshmen year when my Grandpa died and I asked if I could hand in an assignment late because I would be at the funeral (I was actually at two funerals within 3 days…I explained this to him….), and he said that it was my responsibility to get my assignments handed in on time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Seriously? Ok, so I obviously haven’t gotten over that one. Maybe I should be a good Christian student, and hold myself to the same ‘christian’ standards as my profs lol.

Anyways, today I made it to class (I had Theo drive me across campus) but realized when I got there that I was just not able to stay. At a break in the teaching, I went up to the prof and explained my situation to him. I have been e-mailing him since the beginning of the semester and explaining what is wrong with me/how I feel. He looked at me today and said something along the lines of ‘well, you are responsible for your learning and you know where you need to me. If you are sick you are sick but you need to make the decision if you think you can be here than you need to be here. And you will be penalized for missing class.”

SERIOUSLY? And this is what I feel like saying:

Dr. ______,

Thank you for making me feel guilty about feeling sick. Im sorry that I have been sick for 8 weeks and missed your class 3 times. If I had a choice to make myself better, I would have by now. Trust me. I wish that you could look into my eyes and see that I am struggling with more than just nausea. I am struggling with physical weakness, physical ‘pain’, emotional battles, spiritual questions (what is my theology of suffering? Why am I suffering? God, where are you?), school work and now professors who really don’t seem to care about me except for consistent checks on the attendance sheet. Next time a student has been sick for 8 weeks and makes an effort to be in your class, at least try to understand what they are saying to you. It would make battling a chronic illness a lot easier to bear, even for just the one day.




P.S. Forgive me if that did not sound ‘Christian’. I just want to be honest here


2 thoughts on “Jerkface

  1. Personally, I would encourage you to send the professor that letter, minus the “Thank you for making me feel guilty line”. Possibly he has no idea how hurtful his comment was. Like Grandpa says, when you need to write a letter about a difficult situation, write one letter where you rant and rave and get it out of your system, then re-write the real letter about what you need to say, stating the facts and your feelings without all the ranting and raving. I really thinks he needs to know. Remember the key rules of communication though….don’t make attacking “you” statements, but “I felt” statements. Then send the letter and make a decision to forgive him. I just read a quote: “I’m thankful for the difficult people in my life. They’ve shown me who I don’t want to be.” When you’re a teacher, DON’T be like that guy!!!

  2. Alesha says:

    I agree with your mom. And if you’re ranting in an email, don’t fill out the address line for the rant email! That was advice from my last boss, who regularly wrote a rant email and then a real one, and apparently accidentally send some rant ones. 😉 Seriously though, I am sorry you are having to deal with illness and school. I’m praying for you cuzzie-poo!

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