I took this picture tonight leaving my Grandparent’s house. Yes, they are the next door neighbors. Best part about this….thing? It makes noises. It makes the sounds of screaming and ghost growling and hissing and such.

I will NEVER, EVER understand why people have this blow-up things in front of their homes, whether they are halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day or Easter. To me, they are hideous and a ginormous waste of money. So if anybody knows anyone who has one in their front yard, I would really, honestly like to know the reasoning behind it.


One thought on “Neighbors…

  1. LOL. I don’t get it, either. Especially since we lived down the road where we heard people screaming and demons growling and hissing on a regular basis.
    Here’s a quote you’ll love. “I need to go put on my pajamas so I can go to Walmart”.

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