30 Day photo challenge

Well I found this thing on Pinterest that gives a 30 day photo challenge. I am still set on taking a picture every day for a year, but I think that this will be a helpful motivation for at least a month!

My mom is doing it at the same time, so check out her blog at http://www.hannatu.blogspot.com for her 30 days of pictures! I think that they will be really interesting to compare, as we are on two different continents with two very different lifestyles at the moment!

Day #1: A self-portrait.

I really avoided taking this picture, because I have been sick for a very long time. I am staying at my (future) brother and sister-in-laws house, and have brought with me only the things that I need. One of those things was not make-up…. But, anyways, here is a self-portrait:

Also, some food for thought. Not profound thought, though.




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