Day #6: Something from a Low Angle

Funny. Check out my mom’s blog. I took my picture before I read hers. And we still took a picture of the ‘same’ thing. We both took pictures of trees today. They look very, very different, though!!! (

It was a gorgeous fall day today, and I took this picture walking into church.

We accidentally went to church an hour early (actually, not because of the time change, just because it was a new church and we weren’t aware what time it started!), so we decided to drive around Dayton and find a coffee shop. We couldn’t find a coffee shop, but we find this cute little diner and had some tea and shared a plate of breakfast. Very fun and unplanned =) As we drove around, we saw this row of townhouses that has been put in recently. I just love the colors!


4 thoughts on “Day #6: Something from a Low Angle

  1. Funny that we both took pictures of trees! And glad to hear you ate some breakfast. I hope your appetite is starting to come back.

  2. Tam says:

    I love that you are doing this 30 day challenge! I keep looking forward to seeing what you will put up. Great idea, my love!!

  3. Alesha says:

    I know exactly where you were! See the parking lot in the foreground of your picture, in front of those houses? we parked there the first summer I visited when Shane was 2 months and we went to a Celtic festival.

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