Day #10: Something that reminds me of my childhood

I was very tempted today to moan and groan (and winge as Miss James would say) about America. Waking up in the morning with this photo idea in my mind, I was looking for things that would remind me of my childhood. I really tried, and I could not see anything! I should have looked a lot harder, I know.

You see, today it snowed here in Cedarville, OH for the first time. Nothing stuck, and it was a five minute flurry with the sun shining! I think that snow is beautiful, but I am not a fan of this thing called winter. So I found it hard to be excited about the snow today… And it made me miss home, because it reminded me how little my life here is like my home life.

But I got over myself, and remembered that I have found something in the past few weeks that does remind me of home. My (future) sister-in-law makes homemade bread just like my Mom used to make when we were growing up! I used to think that my Mom’s bread was ok, but not as good as the fluffy American bread. But now that I have once again tasted the taste of homemade break in this sickness, I have realized how much I really love it. Homemade bread will be something that I will try to incorporate into my household as much as possible!

Growing up, my Mom always made bread on Saturdays. I would always be playing in the yard with my friends, or in my room and would run to the kitchen when my Mom said it was time to punch the bread down! I remember fighting over whose turn it was my brother many times! That was my favorite part of homemade bread lol!

So here is a picture of Kindrea’s homemade bread. It is delicious and has sustained me in many ways throughout this illness. I am so thankful for this bread and the hands that made it!

Another thing (also relating to bread) that brings back a lot of memories is cinnamon toast. Throughout this illness, whenever I was asked if anything sounded good to me, the only thing that actually sounded good was cinnamon toast. So, I ate a lot of it! Cinnamon toast brings back a lot of memories of living in Sahel Academy dorm. I was the cinnamon toast queen! The only other thing that I ever ate for breakfast in the dorm was Aunt Brenda’s homemade lucky charms (now that I think about it, I have no idea how she ‘homemade’ it). Anyways, I was known to have at least four pieces of cinnamon toast for every breakfast. One day I had 9. Haha, I can’t believe that I did that! The funniest memory of my cinnamon toast days was one morning when everything was going comically wrong. I made it out to breakfast, put my toast into the toaster and went back to the girls hall to finish getting ready for school. When I came back to the toaster about 7 minutes later, my toast was gone, and there was John eating it! I think that I put some toast in a second time and Joy took it and was buttering it up when I came back! Haha! I don’t remember if I actually got anything to eat that morning…lol. So here is my cinnamon toast ingredients:

Bread, butter and cinnamon mixed with sugar!!!



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