Other random pictures/thoughts from the day

This is my new room…the place that I have been staying for the past two weeks. It is small, and very messy, as you can see, but with it have come a lot of comfort, joy and healing. I have been so blessed to spend so much time here. P.S. Please check out the cat in the bottom left LOL!

This cat and I have become very good friends. He comes and sleeps on my bed almost every night, and really actually likes to cuddle! I always wished that Midnight would do that with me, but she never really did until she was old and smelled really bad. As you can see, this cat puts up with a lot!

And this is the cat holding hands (paws?) with Theo. I looked down and this is how they were sitting. haha, I just thought that was so cute! Completely voluntary on both parts!

Just watching a show together on my laptop, with the kitty-cat on my lap. I know this picture looks like Im forcing him to lay there, but he really was laying there on his own accord.

So thanks Theo and Leo (the cat) for a wonderful evening!



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