Day #18: Shoes!

I love shoes. My Mom mentioned this morning that the shoe love went from my Aunt to me, somehow managing to skip her. I would love to have every color and every kind of shoe if I could. I need to keep this in check because it certainly can get out of hand. I get most of my shoes from Goodwill or Payless, though. And now that I am going to be living with my Aunt (the shoe lover!) my shoe wardrobe will double in size! Thank God for shoe lovers with the same size feet!

Sharing my shoes with her also means that she gets to share her shoes with me. This means that I get more colors and also a different style. She has several shoes that I would wear, but would never spend my own money on… Here is a pair of her shoes that I adore but never would have bought for myself…


One thought on “Day #18: Shoes!

  1. And they came from a garage sale!!! The shoe lover also loves thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales:)

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