I’ve never really thought about it.

But I haven’t spent Christmas in the same place in 5 years.

What a blessing I have to travel the world and have so many different Christmas stories and experiences!!!!

Worst Christmas: I think there is tie to this one. Both of them actually have to do with my brother. The first one was when he started having seizures and we decided on Christmas Eve to go get him some medical help. We packed everything quickly, threw all the presents in a box and grabbed the little decorative tree from the bathroom. Christmas wasn’t MISERABLE by any means, but it certainly wasn’t home! The other worst Christmas was the year that Daniel was in America and the rest of us were in Niger. We were packing up our house to move and there was an attitude of mourning instead of rejoicing. Sigh….that was a hard Christmas

Best Christmas: Hmmmm this one is hard because there have been SO MANY good ones. I think that my best one was in 09…my freshmen year. It was a rough semester at college, but I pulled through and I was just starting to like Cedarville (plus, I had just met Theo…. =) ). My whole family was together again for the first time in 2 years, and that felt GOOD. Another favorite Christmas was when my whole extended family decided to get together, and everybody came to our house. That one was fantastic.

Favorite Christmas Memory/Tradition: I understand that this whole post has focused on the materialistic, heathen part of Christmas, but just bear with me. I am not purposely avoiding talking about Christ. I just think that probably deserves its own post. My favorite tradition of Christmas was when we would spend the entire Christmas day in the village. We would get up early and head to the village, then have a wonderful church service. After the church service, the men would all go and kill the goat and the women would start cooking it. Then, everyone had to fellowship for about five hours (at least it felt like five hours to me!) until the meat was finished cooking. Then, everyone feasted!! During those five hours of fellowship, we would play card games, chase chickens and simply socialize. I don’t think I could think of a better Christmas tradition!

So, here are some pictures from my last five Christmas’ in very different places:

Christmas 2011- The Hines home in Saginaw, MI

Christmas 2010- Lanham, Maryland

Christmas 2009- Mt. Cobb, Pennsylvania

Christmas 08- Niamey, Niger

Christmas 07- Tera, Niger

Sooooo Im thinking about continuing the tradition of spending a Christmas somewhere different every year! Chances are it will happen again next year!!!


One thought on “Christmas

  1. Uh, oh. Are you going to be in Michigan two years in a row?

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