Picture Catch-up!

Scarf that my Mom and I made from Pinterest…

Me and my future sister-in-law’s rings!!!!

Me at work…

My schedule for this upcoming semester….now before you say anything, this is the required course load for this particular semester, I don’t get to choose any of those classes. (and that is why I am trying to be waaaaay ahead of wedding planning!)

Us with Theo’s brother, Seth!!!

Puppeting with DC, in preparation for our missions trip!!!

Appreciating these girls for all that they have done in leading Bible Studies this year!

Campus Christmasing with my Mom

We found these stockings next to each other in the Lower SSC….woot woot my future initials!

A really random picture of my new mess-of-a-room the day before my Mom left =(


So there is a picture preview for the last few days/weeks!!!


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