Camp Ladore

When I was at camp this past summer I entertained the idea of becoming a village leader with Theo.

A village leader is simply in charge of the counselors, and therefore also ultimately responsible for the 100 or so children in the village per week. While the village leader does not work directly with specific children, they act like the principal of a school, in charge of discipline issues and in charge of planning activities for the village. I know that there is so much more to this duty like helping counselors deal with each other, with the campers and with their spiritual lives at camp.

Once we got engaged and picked a wedding date, I realized that my idea probably wouldn’t work out the best. But then we got a letter in the mail addressed to the future Mr. and Mrs. Theo Hines, asking us to be village leaders together. Co-village leaders. To me, just being asked opened it up as a God-given opportunity. However, Theo and I are currently torn about the decision that needs to be made. We filled out the application today and are seriously considering this job, but will you pray for us? That we made the decision that God wants us to make…that we know where He truly wants us for the first few months of our marriage, that we are willing to put the time into equipping ourselves if this truly is the place that we chose to be.  Pray that we will not be confused about the decision, as I feel like God is saying ‘yes’ and Theo feels like God is saying ‘no’. We are slightly confused that the same God seems to be saying a different answer to the same question, but I know that God knows exactly what He is doing.


One thought on “Camp Ladore

  1. Jeremiah says:

    AWESOME!!! I absolutely love those God directed opportunities. For me, its almost like being voluntold… its like in your mind (that could be cool) and then something physical like getting a letter asking for your application comes, and its a giant face palm…. That is one thing that I have realized about being here in DC, stuff here has been lining it self up in an unbelievable way and now, I am just going with the opportunities that come up, cuz I don’t fully know what they hold. Its really awesome! Will be praying about calmness in yall’s decisions.

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