Hit the Ground Sprinting

Sorry I have not posted in a while! Three weeks ago I was in Arizona….and I haven’t stopped going since then. Have you ever heard the expression, “Hit the ground running”? Well, that is basically how I feel, except its a full-out sprint.

I got back from Arizona early on a Monday morning. That Monday was a great day to relax, but I was so exhausted it was hard to feel fully recovered and ready for classes to start on Tuesday. Since then, I haven’t stopped.

I have classes on MWF from 8-3, TTh from 8-2:30 and then work from 3-5. I also commute, which is fantastic, but does take a little more time. On top of that tight schedule I have two Bible studies a week- on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Even with a schedule like that, I cannot complain. The months are flying by, bringing me closer to the day that I get married and become Mrs. Theo Hines (118 days to be exact!!!). With this sprint, I am learning to endure and learning to go with my momentum. If I stopped right now, that would not be very good! With this busy schedule, I have learned that I need to do devotions purposely. I have been able to get up every morning and spend time in the word, praying through Operation World and journaling. I think that it is my safe haven, the thing that keeps me going throughout the day, the thing that makes me excited for the day to start.

One thing that I need to work on is intentionality with my friends and the girls in my discipleship group. I love getting together with people, but I feel that all I have time for is classes and work with a little bit of Theo on the side. It is hard when I eat my meals at home. It’s hard to remember that those relationships are the important things in life, not my grades.

On another note, I LOVE my classes. It is a very heavy workload, but everything that I am hearing in my classes I know that I will one day implement in my own classroom. It is no longer learning just to get the grade, but learning to learn and reapply, and that is the best kind of learning! I have spent the last week observing in a preschool setting (and possible got a job there for the summer!), and Feb 13-28 I will spend in a Kindergarten classroom. Later in the semester, March 19-30 and April 16-20 I will spend in a 3rd classroom. I am realizing more and more how this is really what I am meant to do. I love being in the classroom. I love teaching.


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