Why is this ok?

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to wear a different *nice* shirt every day. To not wear the same shirt twice until I had worn every shirt hanging in my closet. (I did not do this with my T-shirts, as I have a dress code to follow…). Well, its almost halfway through the semester and I am only about halfway through my shirts. Why is this ok?What can/should I do about it?




2 thoughts on “Why is this ok?

  1. Deb says:

    Well I guess try everything you haven’t worn on, and see why you haven’t worn them in the first half.
    Allow for some “special occasion stuff”.
    Make sure they all fit you well!
    Donate the stuff you don’t want to the new All Nations Clothes Pantry? =)
    I mean, I have a lot of clothes myself, but I have to at least go through them every summer to see if there are things that just aren’t working that someone else could use.

  2. Probably if you have more than two weeks worth of clothes you have too many! 🙂 As you wear them, if you really didn’t like it all that much or it felt uncomfortable, get rid of it. If Aunt Natalie never borrows it, get rid of it. LOL.

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