Oh, no she didn’t!

Check it out.


I have literally had this blog post planned for days now. I have been writing it in my planner and just have not gotten to it. And she went and beat me to it, and said it in pictures!!!!

But, whether or not she said it, I will also say it.

I GET TO SEE THIS WOMAN IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our relationship actually doesn’t go back THAT far in the grand scheme of things, but it seems like we have been best friends forever. I usually don’t remember the first time that I meet people, but I really remember the first time that i met Tam. She had this cute little pixie hair cut and she was just exuberating energy. We started off pretty well, but then decided to act like high schoolers and had some rough patches with a little bit of drama. Nothing too bad, just, you know….high school.

Tamarah has been such an encouragement to me in almost everything that she does. She is the most honest person I know. If I am doing something at all questionable, she will tell me. Not only is she honest with me about my decisions, but she is also honest with herself, always keeping her actions and even thoughts in check. She seriously inspires me. I haven’t seen this girl since July because she has spend the whole past semester in France! I am so proud of her that she went completely out of her comfort zone and immersed herself in the culture and the language, despite the fact that it was NOT easy.

I am so excited to see her Sunday, show her my ring and stay up very late Sunday night catching up on life. Let me tell you, we aren’t going to get much sleep that first night back together again!


And, as always, I try to add a couple of pictures to each blog post, so here is a bunch of pictures of our life together! Can’t wait to add more to the mix next week!

So, there you have it. Even if she beat me to the blog post, I still love her!

And I absolutely cannot wait for her to be Maid of Honor in my wedding!!!

Love you, Tam. 4 days.


2 thoughts on “Oh, no she didn’t!

  1. How did I miss all these posts? There are at least three here I haven’t read. Probably because of our lousy internet. LOL. I love when you share what you are learning….like about justice and the way we don’t deserve anything. (I wonder also if growing up in a shame culture has anything to do with being upset with that prof?) Your niece-to-be is absolutely adorable, I’m glad you get to marry Theo, and have a blast with Tam!

  2. Jean DeValve says:

    I wrote it on Skype, but I’ll say it again here. You must consider writing as an avocation. You describe events and people in a scintilating manner. Love, Grandma D.

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