Let me Tell You

Let me tell you what it feels like to be on break…

– It feels like a full night of sleep

– It feels like devotions without a time limit

– It feels like (soon-to-be) family

– It feels like anticipation for the reunion with my best friend TOMORROW

– It feels like excitement for my first ever bridal shower.

– It feels like reading those Dave and Neta Jackgson biographies (remember, those ones that have the biographies from every famous missionary person?). Found them on the shelf last night…almost done with the first one.

– It feels like doing homework, but it’s ok because all I am really doing is being diligent and hard-working, not stressed to meet deadlines

– It feels like time with my wonderful man

– It feels like writing my wedding vows, trying on my dress, sorting through my decorations and finally finishing creating my invitations!

– It feels like going on Pinterest and Facebook guilt-free.

– It feels like being able to be buried under blankets while crazy storms go on outside

– It feels like spring break


One thought on “Let me Tell You

  1. And you enjoy every minute of it!

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