Dear DC,

Dear DC-11, DC-12, DC-13, and all the DCs that are put together before Mirv turns 80. He’d better not stop this ministry until then.

I remember a year ago when I was sitting in my Technology in the Classroom class. I couldn’t hear a word the teacher was saying, so I opened my e-mail. And there was one from Mark announcing DC-10. I think my heart stopped beating and I literally wanted to scream and cry and e-mail Mirv back and say he must have made a mistake, did he really mean Suzanne should be on Discipleship Council? But, remember, I was in class, and I had to keep a very straight face and click off the e-mail before the teacher saw me.

Yesterday I opened the e-mail announcing the DC-11. My heart stopped beating and I wanted to scream. This time I was in a computer lab and once again had to refrain myself from reacting in a ridiculous way. And then it hit me. My year on DC is almost up. These people here are my ‘replacements’. I don’t really think that they are replacing me, but they are the ones who get to spend Monday evenings at Mirv’s house, a week of Christmas on a missions trip together and so much more.

So, for the future DC’s, this is what I want to say to you.

First, you have no idea what you just got yourself into. NO. IDEA. I still don’t fully know what I got myself into when I signed up over a year ago. I have the feeling that I will realize 20 years from now something that DC taught me.

You might think that you have been ‘chosen’ because you are an excellent servant and you are a great bible study leader, always having the right answers and knowing where to find the right tools to help others study the bible. This may be true, but don’t kid yourself. You will go to bible study armed with thoughts that you will teach, but you will leave realizing that you hardly said anything and all 8 girls in your group just taught you incredible lessons about life and God’s Word. Mark and Meredith and the girls will pour more into your life than anyone except your parents (and those of us lucky ones who grew up in a community that was intentional about discipleship). The way that you study through the gospels will absolutely blow your mind. Trust me.

Oh, the fun you will have. Mirv’s love language is pranking, and its a contagious love language! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You know that list that you saw earlier this week? The one that you immediately checked off the ones you knew and facebook stalked the ones you didn’t know? Yeah, the names on that list…those people will be some of your best and closest friends for a while. You will share things with these people that you could never imagine sharing right now. You will weep with them and for them. You will go through ups and downs together. This group stuck with me, encouraged me, prayed for and challenged me when I was sick for 3 months. You will laugh so hard with them, jump fences with them, play games with them, babysit with them, ‘accidentally’ kill goldfish with them. The list goes on and on. Adventure never ends.

Just one word of serious warning- if you have a significant other, they may struggle with the dynamics of this group. You will grow so tight with both guys and girls, and this is not always easy from the outside looking in. Challenge yourself from the very beginning to not allow this to be a clique. One of the ways that I admire the guys on DC currently is how they are so intentional about including my fiancee when they can. It certainly has not been easy for Theo to see how close we have all become, and to know that he is not sharing in the Monday night gatherings and the January missions trip. But if you let it, it will allow your relationship to become more fruitful and intentional. It is possible.

If you feel inadequate, good.That is where God wants you. God doesn’t want you to think that you can do this. God wants to use you to do this. So in the end, remember this: It’s not about you, it’s not about this group of twelve, it’s not about learning from Mark and Meredith, it’s not about picking the right book and teaching it the right way. It’s about discipling. It’s about living life with a small group of people, about pouring yourself into them and ultimately about giving all the glory to Christ.

Leave a legacy. Give all glory to Christ.




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