Wedding Wednesday

Ok, I know it’s not Wednesday. But let’s just pretend that it is, because let’s face it: Wedding Wednesday sounds way cooler and more sophisticated than Wedding Thursday.

I have stumbled across several blogs lately that are absolutely amazing, and have been drawing tips from them for my own blog writing. First, I should probably post on a consistent basis. Second, I should include some very interesting things! This is particularily difficult because I do not feel like very many interesting things go on in my life, simply because for me, they are normal. But for most of my readers, my daily life occurences are not normal, so I should post more! One occurence for me is obviously my upcoming wedding, so I am going to try my hardest to post once a week (or mabye more!!) about specific wedding details that we are putting into the wedding!

The first thing that I want to do is a series of blog posts about the very important people that will be standing up front with Theo and I on our big day. Without these people, Theo and I would probably not be where we are today, and they certainly deserve a some recognition!!!

Sooooo I will start with my Maid of Honor. I have already posted some things about Tamarah here. Tamarah is an incredible woman, and I got to spend my entire spring break with her. We had a blast doing wedding planning, roller blading, watching movies and having some late night chats. We are always reminded of our differences and our struggles when we are together, but it just makes us all the more intentional about being friends and staying friends, despite the difference. I am so proud of Tamarah and the fact that she spent the whole week with me and my significant other….third-wheeling is not an easy task, but she always had a correct balance of honesty, patience and support with us. This is just one reason why she is my best friend.

One benefit of being best friends with an artist is that she can help me decorate for this wedding! I was really nervous and stressed about this part of the wedding, but Tam really helped me out with that this past week. I am so blessed by her.

Another favorite memory that I have of Tam is worshipping God with her. When we were in high school, she would spent most weekends and a lot of afternoons at my house. We would borrow my Dad’s guitar and just jam in my bedroom, singing songs and often praying together. That is a precious memory, and it was not always somber….a lot of the time it was full of laughter!

Tamarah loves with all her being, she is passionate and so, so honest. She serves all those around her and really had compassion for the needs of anyone around her. I have been with her more than once when she has weeped over the pain of another. Compassion like this is not exactly common!! She is a beautiful woman of God, and I am so excited to have her as my Maid of Honor.





One thought on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Tam says:

    Suzanneee, I love you so very much. Our differences aren’t always easy, but I am so thankful to have had you through everything. Thanks for loving me even if some of my ways seem radical. You are a beautiful woman and I am so thankful to have had you in my life. I LOVE YOU.

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