This will just be a quick reflection, as I am just waiting for Theo to get back from the store with some broccoli so I can make a salad.

One of the best decisions I have ever made was the decision to take a personal Sabbath. I started this my sophomore year of college. Basically, I don’t do homework on Sundays. I have broken my Sabbath quite a few times, but it honestly is one of the best things I have decided to do while in college.

I get so overwhelmed with the amount of work that I have to do. With 19 credits and three bible studies, I do not often have a lot of free time. Forcing myself to take a day off refreshes me and prepares me for the upcoming week. I usually prepare for my Bible studies on Sunday, so I am not simply sitting around. Often, I will just watch a movie or write letters. At one point, I was writing a letter to my parents every Sunday afternoon. I need to work on that, as I have not stayed up with that commitment!!!

Anyways, today was the perfect balance of rest and accomplishment. I got home from church and made a cake (an experiment, really…) for Theo’s birthday. Then, I made four batches of pizza dough, also for Theo’s birthday. While I am waiting to cook the dough, I went for a two mile run and now Theo has showed up at the door and I get to make a salad, finish making the pizza, and hang out and play games with some of my favorite people tonight!

Pictures to follow.

P.S. Fun Fact- Theo’s birthday is March 19. Kelly, my brother’s fiancee, has the same birthday! It was so weird when we found that out! So Happy Birthday to Theo and Kelly! Love you both and can’t wait to be family to both of you!!!


One thought on “Sabbath

  1. I’ve been reading a great book called The Rest of God…..sorry but I forget the author. It’s an excellent book on why God created the Sabbath Rest and how it benefits us.
    As to your previous post, you and Theo do a good job at balancing each other. I love how you and Theo are so different and Daniel and Kelly are so similar. I’m excited to be getting such a wonderful son-in-law and wonderful daughter-in-law!

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