3rd Grade

This week, I began my field experience in 3rd grade. Cedarville has us in as many different settings (urban, suburban, rural) and grades as they can get us into!

I am placed in Yellow Springs- which is the hippy town of the area. I have seriously never seen any town more hippish than Yellow Springs. Most building downtown are painted with bright colors, there are murals everywhere, and lots of tiny little shops that sell tons of homemade goods. All of the parents that I have seen come into the classroom are wearing tie-dyeish, flowy skirts or dresses and tank tops. Seriously, it’s like culture shock. Our kids have folk dancing and yoga as a regular part of school, and most ride their bikes or walk to get to school. And get this…you know the movie Pocahontas? Well, the woman who is the voice of Pocahontas? Her son is in my class. I am not even kidding. How cool is that??? I actually met her, too!

At these point, I am starting to find my routine and am using every spare moment to crank out lessons plans, but at the beginning of this week, I felt like our profs just dropped us off into a giant field of fog and told us to find our way around and our way back to Cedarville by the end of two weeks, succeeding in all of our teaching and get to know these kids inside and out. Oh, and don’t forget to write your 25 lesson plans…in the next 18 days. It’s a little bit overwhelming to say the least. I am so ready for these lesson plans to be done, for this semester to be over and for wedding planning to be in full swing. Sigh…..

Remember how I was in Kindergarten a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, the jump from Kindergarten to 3rd grade threw me off a little bit. It’s weird to not have to CONSTANTLY tell kids exactly what they need to do, and repeat this same command several times. Instead, these 3rd graders have independent reading for half an hour…they just read by themselves! Im still trying to figure out how to work with 3rd graders…I think that I prefer younger grades, but maybe as I get used to these kids I will start to enjoy 3rd grade more and more.

Anyways, 3 lesson plans down… 22 more to go.


One thought on “3rd Grade

  1. It sounds like you’re making headway on the lesson plans! What most people don’t know is that teaching is a lot more than the six hours a day you spend with the kids. It’s also two to three hours more a day, plus half of Saturday, grading papers and creating lesson plans. The first year is especially hard because you have to plan every single thing. The 2nd year is much easier because you already have plans (never throw out a lesson plan!) and you can build on them and make them even better and more creative. Believe me, teachers deserve a three-month summer plus spring break!!!!! But the kids make it all worth it. That’s what teaching is really about….seeing the light in their eyes when they finally understand something, hearing their excitement in their voice when they come up to your desk and say, “Did you know…..?!”, relief when behavior improves, and all those little hugs. You’re going to be a great teacher!!!!
    And you gotta love Yellow Springs!

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