Wedding Wednesday

It’s wedding Wednesday,  and I am going to continue posting about bridesmaids!

I wanted to mention the one regret that I have in planning this wedding so far. No, it is none of my bridesmaids. It is the bridesmaid dresses. I decided early on that I wanted the dresses made out of African cloth. That was a good decision. I even found a tailor through word of mouth, and she is EXCELLENT at what she is doing (just to clarify that she is not the reason for this regret..!!!). I think that the problem is that 3 of my 5 bridesmaids live across the country, and so far the dresses haven’t seemed to be fitting just right. The dresses have ended up being more expensive than some options I could have picked, although they are still cheaper than the bridesmaid dresses found on David’s Bridal. If there is one detail that I am freaking out about, it is these dresses. I am afraid that they won’t fit the girls, that I wasted the time and money buying all that cloth when I will just have to pick something else for them to wear. I am terrified that the girls will not feel comfortable walking down the aisle, and that they will hate the way the dresses turn out. Keeping up with the tailor is something that I have to constantly be doing. It is not a task that I can put aside, it is a task that is right there on my to-do list along with the 24 lesson plans that I need to write! So if you are a bride and you have a lot of out-of-town bridesmaids, I would not recommend having a tailor make your dresses. Although, I really would recommend my tailor. Anyways, enough of that.

Joy. Joy has been my friend since the 7th grade. We roomed together when we were in 6th/7th, and we did not like each other. I remember having a blast with her, but also having the worst fights with her. The first time I shaved my legs it was with Joy, we stole an older girls shaving cream and somehow had a razor and shaved our legs in the sink for the first time. I remember thinking how bad we were being, and what would we do if we caught? Haha, of the innocence of children! Joy and I were on alternating furloughs and I didn’t see her for two years, only to find out that we were assigned to be roommates again in 9th/10th grade! I was not looking forward to all the fighting, but we ended up being inseparable that year. We seriously did everything together, talking, yelling and giggling (especially about boys) CONSTANTLY. Now that I look back, I realize how annoying we must have been for everyone else…! Although different life circumstances and many miles have separated us over the past few years, we have still managed to see each other at least once a year and we have been able to keep up through e-mail and phone dates. In fact, just before writing this post I had gotten off the phone with Joy.

I think that my favorite memory with Joy was three summers ago. I was in N, and she was in Tim. She called me up one day and said, ‘There is a flight coming tomorrow, do you want to come visit me for a night?’ Um, YES. My Dad and I hopped on a little four seater plane and flew out to see the fabled city for two days. I honestly don’t remember how that trip got payed for. I just remember how incredibly fun it was. I got to drive the big F-350 stick shift truck, ride dirt bikes on the dunes, ride camels on the dunes, ride (wild) horses on the dunes (Thanks, Joy, for telling me to hold on with my knees BEFORE the horse started galloping madly across the dunes), and had an all-around fun time just hanging out!

Joy is so much fun to be around. Her name, Joy, is not just a coincidence, it is exactly who she is. Times have not always been easy, and yet she has persevered through them. I have watched Joy grow and begin to follow the Lord with a deep passion and yearning to understand his grace and love. She is always honest, never one to cover up the truth. She is so encouraging to me, she pushes me to do things that I would probably never do without a friend like her! Just now, I was talking on the phone to her about how stressed I am with these bridesmaid dresses. She gave me three or four practical things to do about it. These were things that I had not even thought of! I am so thankful to have a friend like her, one that is so encouraging to me and so intentional about keeping up with our relationship. I am so blessed to have her stand by me on my wedding day, and I am positive that no miles or years can separate our friendship.

I love you, Joy.

Just having fun catching each other =)

Isn’t she beautiful?

I love this picture b/c it is something that Joy coerced me into doing…. and I love her for it. Good times.

So much laughter.



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