Wedding Wednesday

This Wednesday almost slipped past me before I had a chance to post! But here I am, trying to be diligent in keeping up with this!

As I reflect on all the wonderful woman that I have chosen to stand as bridesmaids, one thing really stands out to me….I remember meeting each one of them for the first time. Haha, not very profound, huh? Well, I don’t usually remember meeting people for the first time. I remember meeting Theo, and I remember meeting these five girls, but otherwise…I have a horrible memory when it comes to ‘the first time I met you’. I especially remember meeting Abbie for the first time.

Abbie and I ended up in the same unit freshman year (that was totally a God thing). I was so nervous and excited and just wanted to meet new people and become best friends with SOMEONE right away. But I had no idea who. So I walked around and talked to some of the people that I knew I would be living with. I went into Abbie’s room and I remember not knowing if she was Abbie or Emily (her roomate). I guess I figured that out eventually, but we had a great conversation that first day and we connected pretty well. It was also a great year for a whole group of girls in that unit. Oh, we were so blessed. Abbie and I became so close that year. She encouraged me and challenged me like no one else seemed to be able to do. She helped me transition into the American lifestyle as she simply listened or explained things to me. She has been an accountability partner to me for the last few years. Every time we see each other, we don’t just talk about shallow little things, but about the things that really matter. Oh, we have a lot of fun when we are together, too, but I love how I can have a deep conversation with Abbie and feeling like I can learn more about the Savior through interaction with her.

Abbie is one of the most diligent people I know, and she certainly would never admit it. She is also one of the most humble people I know. She is an amazing pianist, but I have never heard her play the piano in real life, simply because she does not advertise her gifts and talents. She just uses them.

Abbie was the first person to know about Theo and I. I remember telling her that there was potential between us, and how she talked and listened me through so much of that beginning stage of our relationship. Oh, not to mention that if she had not been there, I may not have gone on my first day with Theo =). Let’s just say I was so nervous that Abbie and some of my other friends had to basically physically push me out the door!

Abbie, you are blessing to me and I am so privelaged to have you stand with me on my wedding day.



One thought on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Wow, I left town for a week and came back to find three blogs I haven’t read yet. What a treat! 🙂

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