Color and Mail

Monday, April 2: Color

This is my dry-erase calender (idea from Pinterest, of course!). It is just paint chips glued onto a piece of construction paper and put behind a glass frame. I wrote on it what I need to take a picture of each day!

The hair pictures from April 2 were the celebrity style, which for some reason didn’t show up.


Tuesday, April 3: Mail

This is usually what I find in my mailbox lately:

Just bills. Medical bill after medical bill after medical bill. I have literally walked to my mailbox and burst out crying because every time I think that this surely must be the last one…there is another.

Theo is so very thoughtful and knows how horribly difficult it is for me to find nothing but bills in my mailbox, so the other day when I checked my mail, this is what I found:

Yes, he certainly is wonderful.


Tuesday April 3: Hair Flashback.

I haven’t had very many hairstyles in my twenty years of life, but one thing that I used to do that I never do anymore is comb it all tightly back into a ponytail. Check it out:

Totally combed back, not a single bump or stray hair. Some people can pull it off, and it doesn’t look HORRIBLE, but it’s probably not a style that I will try again unless I start to look like J Lo. And that is unlikely. Here is another flashback. There are so many things going on in this picture….

And here is me today not really pulling it off:

Check back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid: Danielle!


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