Wedding Wednesday: Dani

Dani and I met by chance. I say chance, but I think that God really knew all along that we would be roomates. My freshmen year at Cedarville I struggled a lot with adjustment. I had a friend, Kim, who lived in a different dorm, but who was really fun to hang out with and a great encouragement to me. Kim was an RA and she encouraged me to move into her hall! So I did, but I didn’t have a roomate. Kim stuck Dani and I together and we all were just hoping that it would turn out well.

Dani and I got along from the beginning. We had very different schedules, so when I got back to the room it was so refreshing to see Dani. We have had great conversations, late night talks and through living together I have really been able to see the character qualities that make Dani such a wonderful person.

Her faith is her own. She has always encouraged me in this area as I see her reaching into God’s Word for herself. She doesn’t just do it for homework or for habit, but because she LOVES the time she gets to spend with God! How beautiful is that??? What a great example to me! Dani is an excellent listener, but also not one to just sit around and talk and listen. She is active in her faith and her encouragement. She has talked me through several fights with friends or Theo and for this I am so grateful.

One of my favorite thing about Dani is the way that she worships God. She is a worship major, and she is GOOD at it. She does not just stop at worshiping in speech and through playing the guitar, but instead she fights to makes sure that her actions and her attitude also show worship to God. Dani is on the women’s basketball team at Cedarville, and I have listened to her over and over talk about how basketball is not just a sport, it is a ministry. Beautiful!

Dani loves to have fun. It is always fun to be around Dani, laughing and talking through different things. I look forward to time that I get to spend with her and always enjoy it afterwards!

Even though I have only known Dani for two years, she has quickly taken a place in my heart. I am so blessed to have her in my life and will look forward to the time that we will continue to spend together in the years to come!

Here is me and the beautiful Danielle. Did I mention that she is really tall? I am wearing heels in this picture and she is wearing flats…

I am so blessed by you, Dani.


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