Day 4, 5 and 6

April 4- Someone who makes me happy

I am surrounded by so many people who make me so, so happy.

Last weekend Theo and I took these two to the Cincinnati zoo, and it was one of the best days EVER!!! Seriously, how could those three not make me happy????

April 5: Tiny

An earring.

April 6: My Lunch

I actually ended up eating lunch with Kindrea and the kids (the kids pictured above), and I am kicking myself for not remembering my camera! How perfect would that have been? When I got home later I had a snack…an apple and a piece of bread with Nutella on it!

Hair: April 4: Going out hair

Honestly, I think that the side-swept bangs look is going out. They are still cute and many people still sport them well, but I don’t think that they are the STYLE. I think that they have been replaced by:

The Fringe look…straight across bangs. I don’t think that I would ever be able to pull these off, I’d be so annoyed by everything covering my forehead and eyes, but I have seen some people that pull this off really well!!!!

April 5: Hair Color I Love

Honestly, I have always loved my hair color: I love how unique it is and how I have never grown out of being blonde. This is me and my brother when I was young: with WHITE blonde hair.

April 6: Hair-do Today

Today I had a job interview, so I blow dryed my hair this morning. Here is my hair today: So here it is: not much is DONE.


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