April day 7 & 8

April 7: Shadow

Did you ever play that game where you had to step on the other person’s shadow head? You should try it sometime! It looks ridiculous, but it’s absolutely hilarious and fun!


Day 8: Inside my wallet.

What’s in your wallet?

Nothing much, really.

A driver’s license, a state ID, a drivers permit, an information card that is not filled out, a gift card, a debit card for my wedding account, a debit card for my bank account. insurance information and a triple AAA card.

And inside…really, nothing much.

And the hair: Day 8: Favorite hair accessory

Honestly, it’s my headbands…I have quite a few of them. I use cloth from some of my African skirts or the sleeves off of old t-shirts, but I love wearing them, especially when I just can’t seem to have a good hairday. They can be made into all shapes and sizes! I have actually only bought one of these headbands…can you tell which one?


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