Day 9: Straight Hair and My Past

Ha! My title sounds like some kind of a teeny murder mystery.

Today was straight hair, and my hair is usually pretty straight.

The other picture for day 9 is A Younger Me. I can’t post a single picture of a younger me without thinking of my Africa.

This, for example is me and all my friends. Bet you didn’t have a hard time picking me out! My brother and I used to dig huge holes our front yard and play in them. Every child in this picture except the four in the back are in the massive hole! Special note: I have no clue who some of those kids are!

Here is me and two of my friends on a trip to a village.

And this final picture is of me on a camel in the village of T*mb*kt*.

I am so fond of these pictures, these memories, those good times. But at the same time, my heart is breaking right now with all that these pictures bring back. My heart breaks because I miss it so much. Especially around the holidays, I start to miss home more than ever.

But my heart also breaks because of what is going on in West Africa right now. If you do not know, check out BBC news for current updates…especially in the country of M*l* and N*g*er**. For another blog that explains recent news in normal people terms, check out All Christians that lived in the North of M*l* are currently fleeing for their lives. Pray for those that are fleeing with only the clothes on their bodies. I really cannot imagine that this will continue on much longer without the Lord returning and taking his people home.

And check out this blog: and this one: This is the school that I attended for 7 years…the needs are so heavy. I wish that I could just go and serve there. My heart is torn between the commitment to school here and my heartland there.

And then there is famine. There is a famine every year, so sometimes I forget to pray. But the needs are many. And the spiritual need is even greater than the physical need. Will you pray with me and have a broken heart with me? Pray that the Lord will bring his power to the people in West Africa?



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