Wedding Wednesday

Whew…I didn’t think that I was going to get a blog post done today! In case you can’t tell by my lack of posting, I have had some very busy days. I found out that I did not get the job that I really wanted for the summer, so I have had to add job search to my to-do list. I am very disappointed, yet I feel a peace that God knows what he was doing in not giving me that job. Now, I just have to get in line with His plan and go from there. Pray that I will find a job.

The semester is winding down. Things are CRAZY. And I am getting married in 38 days. Thats not a very long time. Today I received a HUGE package in the mail. Oh, what a blessing it was to receive!!!!! Take a look at some of the things that I got….

Our cake topper….handmade just for us. You have no idea how special I feel to hold this in my hands! She even designed the brides flowers so that they would match our wedding colors…is that not your favorite cake topper EVER???

All five of my bridesmaids boquets…aren’t they nice??? And the one on the far left of the piano bench is my tossing boquet…so I can keep my own (it will be made with real flowers) and toss that one.

Hanging round sunflower balls to decorate the tent and/or ceremony area…

And all the boutonniere’s, corsages and pocket squares.

Wow. Now, get this. My aunt made all of this. There have been a lot of aspects of this wedding that I worry about, but these flowers were not something that I was ever worried about. And they are PERFECT. Exactly how I imagined them to be! The past few days have just brought one worry after another but today most of those worries were put to rest when I got this package and realized that things really will fall into place the wedding will be beautiful…!!!!

Thank you so much, Aunt Laurie!!! We are so blessed by you!!!




3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Tam says:

    AHHHHHHH!! I am so excited! Everything looks absolutely wonderful!!!!

  2. Beautiful! I know Aunt Laurie put every flower in place with love! Did she make the cake topper too, or did her friend make that? I love it!

    • Jean DeValve says:

      Both Laurie’s mother, Gail, and Laurie worked on the flowers. They are lovely and will make alovely wedding

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