Wedding Business

Oh, my goodness, it has been so long since I have written here. It has been so long since I have had the time to sit down and THINK about what is going on in my life…

Two weeks from today, I will be Mrs. Hines! Oh, how excited I am for the day!!!

This is what my life has looked like the past few weeks. I finished out the semester with a very long week and then a rather busy finals weeks. It was stressful, and I was relived that it was finally over and I had officially had three weeks to pour into wedding planning! On Saturday Theo graduated from Cedarville with high honors- I am so proud! Doesn’t he look handsome in his cap and gown? Theo plans to work throughout the summer at a data analysis place right in Cedarville and then begin grad school in the fall at Wright State. Image

Since we will be in the area for the summer, I added job search to my list of things to do before summer arrived. I was offered a position at the YMCA, but they turned me down. I was very, very dissapointed but somehow knew that God had a plan through it all. The following day I got a phone call from a learning center asking me to come in for an interview. That interview went well, and I was called in for a second on this past Monday. I went into the interview, got hired and immediately started training. To complete the training, I had to read 3 manuals (took about 3 hours), watch 6 different modules on the computer (took 4 hours), and spend 20 hours in the classroom. On top of that, I also have to get first aid and CPR certified- all before the wedding. Our return flight from the honeymoon arrives on June 10, I start work the morning of June 11- yikes!!!! I am so EXCITED for this job, I am so BLESSED by the opportunity that God has given me. I am so aware that this job was orchestrated through the Lord of the universe- and I can’t wait to spend time preparing to spend all day with Kindergarten age children!! woohooo! I completed all hours in the classroom this past week, and did my first aid training today. CPR will be next Saturday!

But this is kind of how I feel right now. Imagine that you are running a race- maybe a marathon, maybe a 10K, or maybe just a 5. Either way, you know how far you have to run and you are pushing yourself to get to that finish line. The moment finally comes when you see the finish line, and you get that last burst of energy to run to the end. Only to arrive and find that you are not finished, you really have to run a bunch more. That is how I have felt all this week. I know that 30 some hours in the workplace is not that much, but when I was prepared mentally, physically, spiritually to have a break.

So bear with me, and I will continue to update on wedding plans- everything is coming together, slowly but surely, especially with my Mom doing a lot of work (today she baked 224 cookies!!)

Pictures to come soon! =)


One thought on “Wedding Business

  1. That is awesome about your job! Definitely God-ordained. Those children are going to love you! Still don’t know where I will be working this summer, but I will see if I can hitch-hick, train hop, kayak, or find some means to get me from there to Saginaw, Michigan on the 26th. I hope you all are doing well!

    P.S. That’s a lot of cookies! 🙂

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