Finally, I am putting up an update! I have soooo many things that I could write about, and for some reason that causes me to NOT write.

I am now happily married and just absolutely loving being married to Theo. We had a fantastic honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We have returned to Ohio and have our own wonderful apartment. We got a cat. He is currently purring very loudly and walking across my keyboard. If there are any typos in this blog post, blame it on Moose. Theo is currently at work. He is working at a data analysis place, but it’s not his favorite thing to do. My hubby needs to be moving and seeing a difference because of what he does. This is what he is made to do, and the job that he has right now involves sitting all day. He is so thankful for his job and we understand that God has provided a job for him and even though it seems like a dead end, God is teaching wisdom, humility, patience and endurance. He is also teaching us that He is the ultimate provider, and we simply need to be faithful with the work that He has given us. Theo does an excellent job at working faithfully with an attitude that glorifies the Lord. I could never ask for a better husband.

I will be leaving for work in a little less than 2 hours. I am at home by myself every day for 4 hours while Theo is at work. I usually clean up the house, work on some lesson plans and write thank you notes! =) I work at a daycare center, so I am with the kids from 12:30-6. It is a tiring job, but one that I am beginning to enjoy. I have a thousand thoughts floating around in my head because of this job, but I will have to save that for another blog post.

So, for now, that is my update. Now that we are more settled into our apartment and our routine, I will be more faithful about updating this…talking about my wedding, my marriage, my job, and my home.


3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Jean DeValve says:

    You are a dear granddaughter and doing so well in your new life. Hope to see you soon in Iowa.

  2. Wow! Reading this brought back so many memories for me of 17 years ago when I was at home and Steve at work and feeling so very newlywed! I worked at a daycare as well, and still remember my thoughts then on raising children and whatnot. I am so happy that you are loving this early stage!

  3. Leanne says:

    Ha- Moose. 🙂 that is by far the best cat name I’ve ever heard…

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