My Brother’s Wedding!

It’s crazy, being newlyweds and attending another wedding. Wait, correction. Being in another wedding. Oh, wait, another correction. My brother’s wedding!

It was so surreal, standing up front with the bride and groom, remembering so clearly the feelings I had just four weeks before when I was standing in the white dress and Kelly and Daniel were on either side of me. It was even more surreal when I found that we shared the same wedding vows!!!

The wedding weekend was beautiful. Theo and I were not able to leave until Thursday after I got off work (which was 6:00 pm), so we had a looooooooong night Thursday.


Driving, driving, driving…SO MUCH DRIVING!!!

A beautiful sunset on the beautiful windmill farms


We arrived around 3 am Iowa time, which was really 4 am our time. Since I was a bridesmaid, I was supposed to stay with the girls but I just crashed on the floor in my parents bedroom, and Theo stayed with the single groomsmen. (This made the fact that we are married seem even more surreal!!!)

On Friday the groomsmen were all baching it up while the ladies set up the reception hall. It really did not take that long since there were so many people helping!


All the bridesmaids. Kelly is in the middle.


That night at the rehearsal, Kelly stubbed her toe pretty bad. She got bandaged up and promised us that she would make it through the night just fine.

So we were up bright and early on Saturday morning to get to the 11 am wedding. The only problem with the day was that Kelly’s brother, Cody had not arrived from Japan yet. He was supposed to be a groomsmen, and everyone knew he was on the way to the wedding. As the girls were taking their pictures outside on the front steps, Kelly’s brother drives by, arriving about 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony! He quickly shaved and cleaned up and made it to the church. The wedding started about 20 minutes late…but everyone certainly understood why!

This is actually a stolen picture…from the photographer. So full credit goes to Leah Miller.


The ceremony was beautiful. I couldn’t decide if I needed to cry or not. I think that if I hadn’t been standing up front, I would have bawled my eyes out. But I had my tissue and I used it several times. It was so cool to hear the same vows that Theo and I used, and that another groomsman and his wife had used. I will eventually get around to posting those vows!

Here is our family…growing by leaps and bounds! In just a month, we added 50% more people to our immediate family! Image(This picture is taken by Shannon, my cousin) 

After the ceremony, Kelly and Daniel headed to the receiving line. While receiving congratulations from the guests, one guest (no names need to be mentioned! =) ) stepped on Kelly’s already hurt toe, resulting in a lot of pain and…..a trip to the nearest urgent care! What seemed like it could turn into a disaster worked out amazingly quickly and she was in and out of there (in her wedding dress) in 20 minutes! Praise the Lord!

The reception was a blast! We had hilarious speeches and awesome dancing, and of course took some time off to decorate the car. Hey, what are new brother-in-laws for?

Enjoy these pictures!


My handsome hubby and I…!


The beautiful bride and I….Correction, my beautiful SISTER and I!!!!!


ImageIsn’t she absolutely radiant?


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