Well, that’s ridiculous.

Sorry, this is a rant.

I just don’t understand some systems in America…never will.

Last week I get a voicemail while I am at work. Something from the asthma and allergy center. I laughed, thinking they had the wrong number. Nope, received the same phone call the next day, and it was really actually for me. I kept racking my brain why in the world they would be calling me until I finally got the chance to call them back.

They wanted to do a follow-up. I was confused.

A follow up from my visit in September?

We referred you to a doctor…did you ever visit him?

I’m sorry, that was at least eight months ago, and I did visit a lot of doctors in that time. I am not sure which one you are referring to.

Well, we need to know for our records. Which doctor did you see?

Ma’am….that was eight months ago…I have no idea what doctor I saw. I’m healthy now, you can put that in your records.

Ok, thank you…bye.

At the rate that place is doing follow-ups, I could be dead. It’s a good thing I didn’t rely too much on them…they were just one stop of many on my journey through that awful, awful sickness.

Next thing I know, Im getting a new debit card in the mail. Great, I have been waiting for a debit card a month now. But this debit card is not for my new bank account, it’s for my old bank account. So, I call the bank yesterday asking why they sent me a new debit card when I had closed my account.

Oh, your account is not closed. You owe $114 and an overdraft fee of $50, for a total of $164.

Theo and I left as soon as possible for the bank and marched in their trying to figure out if we could get out of paying the overdraft fee. We understood that we needed to pay the $114…but the most frustrating part for me was that I did not receive a phone call or anything telling me that I had an overdraft fee. Here I was, just chilling at home for 3 weeks thinking that my bank account was closed when it actually wasn’t.

Anyways…on a happy note. It was my own fault that the bank didn’t call because I had not updated my phone number. And I think that I looked very, very distressed, because the lady at the bank waived half the overdraft fee.

After this emotionally tolling trip to the bank, I arrive at school and had a child throw up in the cafeteria in front of all my class and one other class (it could have been a lot worse).

I plan on posting something cheerier soon…namely, WEDDING PICTURES!!!! Our pictures arrived in the mail on Friday, and I have been pouring over them for the past three days. I just can’t get enough! I hope to do a series of blog posts (with pictures) that describes the big day!

Can’t wait to get started on that!


One thought on “Well, that’s ridiculous.

  1. What a terrible day! And get this, when I called to make an appointment for a yearly check-up at the doctors they told me we are supposed to be coming in every three months. Really??????????? That’s ridiculous!!!!!

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