Bachlorette Party!

Sorry these posts are bouncing around so much. We went from vows, to first look and now taking it back a few days to the bachlorette party!

One of my goals for this week was to write at least 3 blog posts. We are leaving for Saginaw later this evening (after I get off work), so I needed to get this done now (before I leave for work!). Last night I sat down to write this post and got part way through it. I left the room for a couple of seconds to get some chai out of the teapot. When I came back, Moose was sitting right on my laptop and the blog post looked something like this:

So, I pos99999999999999333333333riwakr8933333333377777777777777777777792222222odfashhhh//////////////////==========988888833104900000ted this before….

It was super annoying, but it did make me laugh a little. Right after that, I realized that I didn’t have all the pictures I wanted. My husband was so sweet and moved all my iPhoto pictures onto the external harddrive, making my computer go waaaay faster, but that meant that I didn’t have the pictures that I wanted. We got out the external harddrive, but for some reason the pictures were all mixed up. I would click on one and it would be from last summer at camp, the very next one would be my trip to Arizona this past January, the next one would be spring break freshman. Theo and I finally figured out a method to the madness and starting compiling the pictures into a folder. As soon as we had almost finished this, Moose JUMPED onto the computer. Like, LEAPED onto it. Of course, I overreacted, and lunged for the cat. Theo is still trying to hang onto the 40 pictures that we had selected. When I lunged for the cat, I scared him so bad, then in the exact same moment proceeded to spill my hot, hot chai all over me. The hot liquid scared me, so I jumped up, only then realizing that this chai had been spilled all over the new quilt that my Mom had made. I was SO ANGRY at that cat! Now, let me tell you how wonderful Theo is. I was still trying to figure out what in the world was going on, crying my eyes out about the hot drink all over me and the pool of chai on my favorite wedding present. Theo, in the meantime, had fixed the files on the computer, mopped up the chai on the bed and got me ice. That all happened literally in about 30 seconds. Isn’t he wonderful?

Anyways, all of that story leads to the fact that I was trying to write a blog post about my bachlorette party! So, here we go…round 2.

My maid of honor, Tam, was wonderful. I could not have asked for anything more. She was so selfless through my engagement and such a servant the week before the wedding. She helped me every single step of the way. And she planned this fantastic bachlorette party.

All the girls got ready together and then headed out to the yard to take pictures. The next thing I know, this big bus is pulling into the driveway. I was SO CONFUSED, wondering what in the world was going on. When I climbed onto the bus, however, I realized that it was a limo bus! Yes, a limo!!! I was SO excited, to have all my closest friends FINALLY in the same location in the world, and now in the coolest vehicle I had ever been in! Heck yes!!!!!!

All the girls…


In the limo bus!


The driver drove us around Saginaw while we munched on snacks, had some drinks, talked and laughed a lot. It was an absolute blast.

Tam and I on the limo bus.


The driver dropped us off at a very nice restaurant and we enjoyed our time there greatly! The food was interesting, however. The waiter was this really funny guy, but not very good at communicating. One of the “special” items on the menu was a wedge salad. We asked him what that was, and he said… “oh, you know…a wedge.” Well, we didn’t know, but several people went ahead and ordered it. It ended up basically being a whole head of iceburg lettuce. Weird, but it sure did give us lots of laughs!!!


After we ate, we walked over to a park and took a couple of pictures.


At one point, a man approached us and started talking. I kid you not, he said:
I just got a new lens for my camera? Do you mind if I try it out on you?
In unison, we all said:
Uh, no..thank you.
It was strange, trust me.
We went back to the house (in the church van!) and of course had to have a gift time! My friends were so generous in what they gave, and I still feel so blessed.
But even better than the gifts was the support I received. My Mom and Mother-in-law joined the party at that time, and each girl spoke about what I had been in their life, giving me whatever marriage/relationship advice they wanted. It was so precious to hear each of the things that the girls said, so many of us were right on the edge of crying the whole time. To finish it off, we prayed together as a group and then watched a movie.
Wow, I am a blessed woman!



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