25 Goals

Theo and I have been married for less than 2 months, yet we have already been on a lot of roadtrips!

Yesterday, about 4 hours into our trip, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING. So we started thinking up lists of 25 things. 25 things about Suzanne, 25 things about Theo, 25 things we hate, 25 things we love, 25 goals for our future.

This Week:

1. Blog at least 3x

2. Write 5 letters or notes

3. Finish the apron that I started making in April (this is my first real JUST ME sewing project)

4. Write rocking lesson plans for next week

5. Not lose my temper at Moose, the kitty cat.


6 Months:

6. Run a 1/2 marathon

7. Visit Daniel and Kelly in DC

8. Go to 2 state parks

9. Suz- Read 4 books                 Theo- Read 3 books

10. Have at least 1 meal once a week with someone (not just Theo!)


1 Year:

11. Graduate from Cedarville University with high honors

12. Not live in a basement.

13. Suz- be featured on a website or in a magazine (This is ridiculous, but something that I would absolutely LOVE to have!)

Theo- Be a certified paramedic

14. Suz- Make our wedding scrapbook

Theo- Make a wooden recipe box for Suzanne

15. Suz- plan someone else’s wedding

Theo- Be actively leading a guys or couple’s bible study


5 Years:

16. Suz- Cook through a cookbook (Now, I’m not planning on going as all-out as Julia Childs, here. It might just be a pasta book, or a cupcake cookbook.)

Theo- Be done with grad school and have a counseling license

17. Run a marathon

18. Have a BABY

19. Pay off all my loans (God has been so good in the financial aid I have gotten, this looks very possible within 4 years of graduating!!!!)

20. Have a thriving garden and animals (like goats and chickens!)


10 Years:

21. Live in Africa

22. Have twins

23. Still call my spouse my best friend and lover

24. Adopt. (This is not an option, it has been laid on both Theo and I’s heart, and we know one day by the Lords leading we will have children that are adopted.)

25. Suz- be able to sew without patterns and cook most thing without a recipe!

Theo- Be teaching martial arts in Africa.



So what about you? What are some of your goals/dreams/ambitions on the long run and in the short run? This was such a fun ‘game’ to play in the car… if you are going on a road trip, come up with some goals…then blog about it!


2 thoughts on “25 Goals

  1. This is so cool! You should definitely aim for these. Some will change as you go along, but it’s good to have something to aim at. Some you can’t really control, such as having twins.
    And tell Theo that the other day I was thinking, “Suz and Theo should have a young couples’ Bible study at their house.” Or maybe not even couples, maybe off-campus students (as well as non-Cedarville people as you come in contact with them).
    Go for it!

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