Getting Ready

The rehearsal for our wedding went very smoothly. Theo, Mark (the officiant) and I are all very organized, so we had an idea of what we wanted for almost every part.

Friday night after the dinner, I took some of Tam’s Nyquil and slept the whole night through. I was very surprised, but I wasn’t nervous or anxious…just excited and waiting for the hours to pass.

We woke up on Saturday morning, my best friend by my side. I did my devotions, but have no idea what I was reading about. Tam and Joy sat with me and read the Song of Songs to me, and we had some great laughs. For the most part, I had some time alone on Saturday morning, which was so wonderful….I couldn’t have asked for more from my friends! When they joined me, it was so calm and precious time spent together. It was raining that morning, and I was most anxious about having to move the whole ceremony into the tent!

I waited all morning until the moment that someone would declare that we NEEDED to get ready….and boy, was I ready to get ready!

Right about when we started to get ready, the sun peeked out of the clouds and it turned into a beautiful, perfectly cool, sunny day!

Getting ready was fun- My sister in law did my hair (and isn’t it AMAZING?), and everyone else helped each other out with things. My Mom did my toenails and I had acrylic nails on my fingers (that will only happen once in my lifetime…my poor nails are STILL recovering). I had bought all the girls jewelry (including myself) when I was in Niger, but it has been lost somewhere in the months that followed. I simply told each of the girls that they needed to wear their own jewelry and gave them a handwoven ‘marriage’ scarf made in Ethiopia but bought in Niger.  Our gifts to the groomsmen were African knives and the ties that they wore.

All the girls before getting all dolled up…this is actually one of my favorite pictures from the day!


Here goes the hair…



At one point Theo and a groomsman came over to the house to pick up my luggage and to find my wedding band that we had mislocated. Thankfully, it wasn’t lost at all, just hiding! I went down to see Theo and all the photography minded people thought that this series of pictures would be beautiful…


I had run down to talk to him, but all the ladies insisted I come back inside! So I came back, but just couldn’t resist talking to him out the window….


And there he is! The handsome groom himself!



Beautiful girls!


Isn’t my hair absolutely perfect?



Getting me into my dress…this was most certainly a team effort!


My dress was actually bought online. Before I got engaged, I actually went wedding dress shopping (*gasp!*). However, I only went because my Mom was leaving the country and she knew that I would be engaged sometime in the time that she was gone. We mainly went just to have fun, I certainly was not about to pick and buy a gown before I was even engaged! We went to several different shops and had so much fun! Then, I tried a dress on. I looked at myself in the mirror and just saw my wedding day with that dress. I checked the price tag….$700…not outrageous, but pretty pricey for my budget! I wrote down the number, brand and style of the dress and then went on with my life as an unengaged person.

The night that Theo proposed to me, I typed in the number, brand a style of dress. I found it. Online. In Niger. For less than $400. So we bought it. That week. And it arrived from China. Who knew!

The blue shoes had a similar story…as I was walking through the market in Niger a couple days after being engaged, I ducked into a shoe shop to avoid something (I swear, I was NOT looking for shoes). But right about eye level, I spotted this beautiful pair of blue shoes. I figured they would be too big. But I took them off the nail hook and tried it on my foot…I felt like Cinderalla! The guy named an outrageous price, and I bargained for them…scoring them for less than $20!


I don’t really have any pictures of the bridesmaids getting ready, but this is a shot of Tam in her dress. I bought the bazan cloth in Niger and brought it back to America to have a tailor make it into dresses (Can you tell I had a good 25% of the wedding planned within two weeks of getting engaged…?). The tailor did an excellent job, even though the cloth was unfamiliar and could be difficult to work with.




Something old…my earrings…

Something new…my dress and veil

Something borrowed…the chain for my necklace

Something blue….well, you don’t have to look too hard!


This was my Dad’s reaction to seeing me all ready…I don’t think there was a person in there who didn’t at least tear up!



And, of course…the boys took about 20 minutes to get ready. The ties were bought at JCPenny (a little pricey, but worth it!). I found it absolutely amazing how perfectly they matched the yellow in the girls dresses (that was bought in Africa…a looooooong ways from a JCPenny!). 


And from getting ready…we moved to the first look between Theo and I….check earlier posts for that!


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