Day in, Day out

After two months, I feel like we are finally settling into our routine. But as I try to think of what our routine is, it seems very scattered and “unroutineish”.

Theo and I usually get up around 6:30….ok, we are a couple that uses the snooze button A LOT!!! So, maybe make getting up closer to 7. We usually jump straight into the Word of God- reading, journaling, praying…mostly as individuals. This really helps me to do it first thing in the morning so that I don’t forget when I get consumed with my to-do list. Theo prefers to have a refresher during his lunch break, since he does not feel as awake and into it early in the morning. Theo usually jumps in the shower, while I start making breakfast. I try to do something different everyday, adding variety to our morning and to our diets. Monday and Thursdays are toast and cereal, Tuesday is oatmeal, and Wednesday and Friday we have eggs. Saturday is the most special day of all, because Theo makes the pancake breakfast. In my family, my Dad always made pancakes every Saturday for as long as I can remember. We decided to carry on the tradition!

Theo heads off to work around 8- and I do chores around the house. I have a schedule of chores for each day. Since our apartment is small, cleaning it does not take too long. On Tuesday I clean the bathroom, on Wednesday I do laundry, on Thursday I do the floors (sweep and mop) and on Friday I dust. Theo usually does the dishes for me. Sometimes in the morning I make lunch in the crockpot, respond to e-mails, write letters and sew.

At 12 I head off to work- I have a 30 minute commute so I feel like I am gone for a lot longer than I actually am! I work at a “daycare”, although I am supposed to call it a “learning center”. Every day I learn new things about classroom management, the children in my class and myself! I leave everyday at 6:00 emotionally and physically exhausted.

On most weeknights, I head straight home after work. Since Theo gets off work at 5, he is usually home and ALWAYS working on something. I have never come into my home and thought ‘what a lazy guy.’ Instead, I am always so blessed to see him washing the dishes, starting on dinner or fixing something that just NEEDS to be fixed. We usually head our for a run at this point, although sometimes the exhaustion wins over and we skip running for that day =(. After our run, we work on making dinner together. This is always fun, but sometimes can turn stressful. For example, I had one recipe that said it would take 10 minutes to ‘prepare’ the meal. However, the recipe called for instant mashed potatoes and already cooked, cubed chicken. Well, I purposely chose to NOT buy instant mashed potatoes, so that meant that we needed to make our own. Then, I had to cook and cube the chicken…where do you buy already cooked, cubed chicken???

On Wednesdays and Friday evening, we hang out at Beavercreek Martial Arts. Throughout high school, Theo did Tae-kwon-do, and decided to pick it up again last semester. Theo was a student there for a couple of months, and will soon be advancing to his black belt. Next week, Theo takes over the program as head instructor. He will be teaching 3 classes on Wednesday and Friday nights! We are so excited for this opportunity!!!!

After dinner, we have been trying to get into the habit of doing devotions as a couple. This has been a really hard habit to form, however, and we need to work very hard to get it going again. After devotions, we either work on projects around the house or watch a show together. We decided to not have a TV, so anything we watch has to be on the laptop. We are loving our decision to not have a TV, because those things can eat up so much time…precious time that we should be spending as a couple.

We usually head to bed around 10:30- I know, we got married and became un-fun old people!!! =)

Here is my little dry erase schedule hanging in my kitchen. It tells me what is for breakfast, what my morning chores are, and what is for dinner. Tonight: Fettucine Alfredo. Anyone want to come over?? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day in, Day out

  1. Tam says:

    Wow. What a schedule. Cleaning, planning meals, and making time to intentionally be with your man sounds daunting to me… I can honestly say that I am happy for you, but am seriously not anywhere near ready for all of that! I’m proud of you and I love you!

  2. Sure, I’d like to come for supper! I recently made the taco-rice dinner. I can’t believe I had totally forgotten about making it ever since you’ve been gone to college.

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