So, how did I do on my goals from last week?

1. Blog at least 3x

2. Write 5 letters or notes

3. Finish the apron

4. Write rocking lesson plans for (this) week

5. Not lose my temper at Moose

So, I did a pretty good job! The only thing that I did not accomplish was to finish the apron. This sewing thing is a lot harder than people make it look! I do have some pretty good excuses as to why I don’t have the apron done yet, though:

1. Image This girl called me on Tuesday and asked if she could visit for the weekend. Of course we said yes!!!!

2. ImageThese two asked me to take their engagement pictures for them. We had a blast going different places in the area and taking some shots of them!

3. ImageThis two went and got married! We drove 4 hours to get to the wedding, spent some time at the wedding/reception, then drove four hours back! It was a LONG day, but it was worth it to see them get married!

4. ImageThese people came over for a bonfire! Notice that something crazy strange is going on with the Mooser in this picture!

5. We went to the county fair- the best part? The livestock in the barns, especially watching the cow shows. Theo and I are going to go back again later in the week…the county fair only happens once a year, after all!
(This time I will try to take pictures!)

6. We had some family over for dinner last night and played an awesome game of Ticket to Ride.

Sooo….is that enough excuses for not having finished that apron? It’s on my list for this week!




One thought on “Wowsers.

  1. Why are they torturing Moose? And I forgot to ask you where you went to take the engagement pictures! I love the one you showed here.

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